A private counsellor based in Swindon, Wiltshire, UK
Albertine Davies Counselling


Where will I come for my sessions?

Sessions take place in my counselling room at the Shaftesbury Centre in Rodbourne in central Swindon.

There is free parking in the public car park immediately behind the building. My counselling room is on the 2nd floor, accessible by either lift or stairs.

Do you offer face-to-face or remote sessions?

I recommend face-to-face counselling sessions, if these are practical for you, but I also offer telephone sessions.

When and for how long?

Sessions take place on weekdays and are usually at the same time each week.

Sessions last 50 minutes.

How many sessions can I have?

I offer short-term or long-term counselling, and we keep a focus on what you need at regular review sessions so that counselling lasts as long as it needs to. I have no lower or upper limits, and everyone is different in what they need.

How much does it cost?

Daytime sessions are £50 each, payable by BACS. I offer a reduced rate of £45 per session if you book and pay for 4 sessions at a time.

Do you offer evening sessions?

I currently offer evening sessions on a Thursday at the slightly higher rate of £60 each, with a reduced rate of £55 per session if you book and pay for 4 sessions at a time.

Is there a reduction for an initial session?

Yes, initial sessions are at the reduced rate of £45 each (or £55 for sessions from 5pm onwards)

I can’t afford that, do you offer any reductions?

Yes, I have some reduced rate spaces for those on a low income and students on current counselling courses. I keep a waiting list for these places.